Business immigration

Canadian business immigration includes entrepreneur program, investor program and self-employed program. Each program has relatively selection criteria and each province has its independent policies.

Quebec investor program

Canada's most stable Investor program - Quebec investor program’s selection criteria is as follows:

  • Legally obtain a minimum net asset of 2 million Canadian dollars (about 10 million RMB)
  • Have at least 2 years of management experience in a legitimate business (profit or non-profit) over the past 5 years
  • Intend to settle in Quebec, sign an investment agreement with an authorized financial intermediary, and invest 1.2 million Canadian dollars (about 6 million RMB) for 5 years at 0% interest; or invest one time 350,000 Canadian dollars (about 1.8 million RMB) which is non-refundable

The advantages of Quebec investors are:

  • Get Permanent residency in one step: no business plan, no need to start a business, no management risk and no additional conditions
  • The investment is safe and reliable: investment is only required after the approval from Ministry of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusion, and the investment is regulated by Canadian government
  • The program is mature and stable: the Quebec investor program has been existed for more than 30 years

The Entrepreneur program

The Entrepreneur program is designed to attract entrepreneurs with the willingness and ability to actively manage businesses in Canada, and it will have a positive impact on the Canadian economy and also creates jobs for Canadian citizens and permanent residents. Qualified applicants and their family members can obtain Canadian permanent residency through the federal or provincial Nominee programs (except Quebec). Under the entrepreneur Program, the applicant needs to establish or acquire a qualifying Canadian business and to possess a certain percentage of equities. The applicant must actively manage the business which needs to create at least one new job for Canadian citizens or permanent residents.

The self-employed immigration program

The self-employed immigration program requires applicants to demonstrate that they have artistic or sports experience, and that they are able to operate autonomously and make significant contributions to Canada's culture and sports. Relevant experience includes at least two years of self-employment professional experience or participation in world-class, artistic, cultural, recreational or sports activities. Applicants wishing to purchase a farm must have at least two years of farm management experience. Applicants are also required to receive assessments of academic qualifications, experience, age, English/French language skills and adaptability.