Study Abroad

Canada is a country which is favored by many parents who choose to send their children to study abroad. Quebec, as the largest province in Canada, successfully attracts many international students for the following reasons:

For primary and secondary school students

N.S.T Immigration provides professional one-stop services to tailor a complete solution for international students and accompanying parents. We provide the following services for international students:

  • School selection
  • Application for admission
  • Visa application for international students and parents
  • Reception services for international students and their parents
  • Home stay and guardian services

For College students

  • Future study planning
  • School &specialty selection and evaluation
  • Preparation for school application
  • Visa application
  • Arrival services
  • Guidance on student life

PEQ Study& Immigration services

PEQ is the abbreviation of Québec experience program which is an immigration program designed for graduates or skilled workers who have working experience in Quebec to receive priority processing.

We offer the following services to applicants who wish to immigrate through this program:

  • Study and immigration planning
  • Specialty selection and evaluation
  • Specialty and French study guidance
  • Work permit application
  • Permanent residency application